AXEL Launches ‘Secure Fetch’ Feature in AXEL Go Platform In Time For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

AXEL, a data custody-focused technology company, announces the launch of Secure Fetch, the newest feature in its privacy-oriented AXEL Go file-sharing and storage application.

Las Vegas, NV, September 29, 2020

Right in time for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, AXEL®, a data custody-focused technology company, announces the launch of Secure Fetch, the newest feature in its privacy-oriented AXEL Go file-sharing and storage application. Secure Fetch is the future of file-sharing. Instead of asking someone to send files and hoping the sender uses a secured and preferred platform, this feature allows the requestor to request the files needed without either party stressing over what services to use and if the service is safe. Because Secure Fetch takes place entirely through AXEL Go, all files and information remain completely private and no information is ever shared, mined or sold to any third-party. The files on the AXEL Go platform are stored on a decentralized network, which is powered by IPFS and blockchain technology. AXEL Go works on WindowsmacOSAndroidiOS, and is accessible from any web browser.

How it Works
Secure Fetch, as the name implies, allows users to “fetch” or collect files from anyone – even those without an AXEL Go account, by sending a link that opens in any web browser. The requestee clicks the link and uploads the necessary documents. When the upload is complete, the requestor is notified and can retrieve the files safely and securely.

“Think about how often people share the most private information in an email attachment,” notes Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. “You begin to realize how vulnerable your personal and private information such as medical records, financial statements or legal documents may be when stored on someone else’s server, unsecured and susceptible to breaches. Imagine Secure Fetch as a private courier sent to collect confidential documents from a client. It’s designed to be a completely secure method to share confidential or sensitive files, and provides an accountability of who submits what and when.”

On the AXEL Go platform, when files are shared, they are actually split into tiny “shards” and distributed to various servers closest to the recipient. This process significantly reduces the risk of a data breach, since the file remains divided and spread across different locations. The files are also encrypted with the same technology that government agencies and the military use to secure their confidential files. This multi-layer protection makes the platform an extremely secure option to protect even the most sensitive or confidential information.