AXEL is Pushing Toward the Future of Innovation: Receives Latest Patent for its Blockchain Technology

AXEL marks a major milestone and cements its status as a true blockchain innovator.

Las Vegas, NV, December 2, 2020

AXEL, creators of the AXEL Network, a globally distributed and decentralized content delivery network, announces that it has been awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its proprietary blockchain technology. Already a recognized innovator, having earned numerous patents for key technologies developed to support its data custody solutions, this most recent patent covers the Autonomous eXchange via Entrusted Ledger (A.X.E.L.), and is the first one to be issued specifically for AXEL’s blockchain technology.

“This is a very significant patent and major milestone for our company,” says Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. “Our data custody solutions utilize cutting edge blockchain technology and our first patent in this field cements AXEL’s status as a true blockchain innovator.”

The Patent

This patent, U.S. Patent No. 10,855,446, dictates specific public and private chain mechanisms designed for public visibility of transaction authentication and verification, while keeping the transaction details confidential. In simple terms, a public blockchain will show all transactions that occurred, but the details will remain private between the ones conducting the transaction.

Building upon AXEL’s blockchain technology is the company’s data transfer and file sharing service, AXEL Go. The AXEL Go app offers industry-leading security and privacy features, and includes the same encryption technology that government agencies and the military use to secure their confidential files. On AXEL Go, when files are shared, they are split into tiny “shards” and distributed to various servers closest to the recipient. This process significantly reduces the risk of a data breach since the files remain divided and spread across different locations. This combination of features makes the platform an extremely secure option to protect even the most sensitive or confidential information.