Two weeks ago we released the AXEL Wallet, the window into our blockchain and the basis of everything we plan to do. And now, it’s only getting better!

Not only have we released one of the best-designed blockchains on Earth, but we also integrated it with the most advanced IPFS platform out there. You no longer have to make a choice between privacy or convenience, you can have both. There already are ways to stay private online, but privacy often comes at the cost of your experience and is inconvenient. AXEL IPFS is the best of both worlds, it’s secure and encryption-enabled, while still being fast and free!

But more important than just the technology of the distributed web is the team who built it. No matter how great their product is, would you really want one of those big-tech conglomerates, who have continually monitored you, sold your data and abused your trust, starting the distributed web? Do you really trust them to have your best interest at heart? While they may have the right technology, their past behavior should make you wary of trusting them with something as important as the distributed web.

Unlike most tech companies our business is not in advertising, we don’t host ads and we don’t sell data. Our business is privacy; specifically, your privacy. It has always been our business and it always will be.

That’s why we started this project. Our entire company is based around privacy and data custody. For over a decade, our team has been working on products to give you back your data, and give you the option to divorce yourselves from the surveillance-web that’s been forced upon us by big tech. Every product and project we’ve worked on has been building towards this moment.

The distributed web is no longer something to talk about as something that’s coming, it’s here. We built it, for you. AXEL IPFS is already the most advanced IPFS-integrated blockchain, and it’s just going to keep getting better with time! But now it’s your turn, show us what you can do with it, how you’d live your life, free from surveillance and censorship.

Welcome to the future of the internet, welcome… to AXEL IPFS.