We sat down with AXEL’s development team to discuss the upcoming launch of the AXEL IPFS Pinning Facility.

Q: What inspired you guys to develop AXEL IPFS?

The next evolution of computing is distributed. IPFS or something very similar is going to be the basis of distributed storage. The AXEL IPFS integration into our ecosystem has given us a worldwide public distributed storage system to build practically anything on top of including AXEL IPFS Pinning, AXEL IPFS Search and may other services to come. AXEL is building a very strong foundation in distributed storage, and will be a leader in the next evolution of the Web 3.0!

Q: What excites you guys the most about AXEL IPFS?

AXEL IPFS will allow our users to immediately and securely distribute their data around the world for personal or business use. AXEL will be fostering the movement from centralized to decentralized computing and AXEL IPFS is the start of the process. For AXEL users, they can begin to share files or even distribute website information starting now. It is very exciting to bring Web 3.0 technologies to our current and new users starting now. AXEL has also made it super easy to use, and that is most important when you want adoption of new technologies like IPFS.

Q: Do you see a future for IPFS and what industries will adopt it first?

Web 3.0 will be distributed. IPFS seems likely to be a core technology of Web 3.0 and the distributed Internet. Right now archivists, service providers, researchers, developers and content creators have begun to adopt IPFS to address many problems caused by centralized computing. IPFS also addresses many issues around high-latency networks found in developing countries. Even NASA is using similar systems to address the high-latency involved in space communications. So there is a lot going on in this field. With that said though it is still very new. AXEL is bringing this technology to users today by making it secure and easy to use so anyone can adopt it. I think it will be very interesting over the course of the next 12-24 months to watch how and who integrates IPFS first.

Q: What industries will IPFS be the death blow for? Is there a future for cybersecurity in a distributed web?

I do not think we are talking extinction but evolution. Current centralized systems will evolve into decentralized/distributed systems as users demand the flexibility, security and efficiency of decentralized/distributed systems. The only companies that will go extinct are those that fail to evolve or evolve without taking into account customer needs. And as far as cybersecurity goes, as long as we use computers and the human condition remains as it is, cybersecurity will also be a lucrative and in-demand career.

Q: How much will AXEL IPFS cost to use?

AXEL IPFS will be free to use for registered users for a period of time, after that point we will announce pricing for the service. For now it is most important that users get to experience IPFS and AXEL IPFS Pinning and Search. Pricing, once released, will be highly competitive with the industry.

Q: What sort of online future will IPFS create?

Depending upon your concern, IPFS and other distributed technologies like Blockchain, Masternodes and Distributed Databases will fundamentally change computing. For many, decentralized computing is going to return data custody to the user – no longer will centralized authorities control/manage/spy on your data. AXEL is providing the tools necessary for users and business to take #ultimatedatacustody of their most important data .This is foremost on my mind while we develop the AXEL.Network. From a technical point of view, it will make everything faster and cheaper, and thus save money. And lastly, IPFS cannot be censored. You cannot just turn off IPFS. I think one of the best examples of IPFS being a proponent of free speech is the fact that Wikipedia is now available on IPFS so governments in Turkey and other countries cannot ban it from access by the citizens. So from personal or business security and data custody, to making data faster and cheaper to access, to preventing censorship by central authorities – distributed and decentralized systems like IPFS are the future of our online universe.

Q: When will that happen?

It is happening all around us. The crypto world is largely decentralized and distributed. We have hundreds of projects like AXEL developing Web 3.0 technologies everyday. We are now waiting for the demand phase to start. Once the demand starts, and it is already starting, mass adoption will follow.

Q: Is IPFS the death of HTTP?

This is the computer industry, protocols die hard. As much as we want to criticize the problems with centralized computing, centralized computing has provided one of the greatest revolutions in mankind. Never before have so many had access to almost the entire world’s knowledge. And it you look around, individuals and entrepreneurs have tapped into this knowledge to develop some incredibly cool tech over these past 20 years. So I think http has been a great success, and it will not disappear quickly. But as 5G becomes more prevalent, as developing countries increase their demand, decentralized and distributed technologies will be selected as the protocol over http. It is also interesting to note that Tim Berners-Lee who created the http protocol and the World Wide Web is now working on the next distributed/decentralized protocol. It is one of the greatest qualities of humans, we never stop creating.

Q: Do you have any concerns that content on IPFS can’t be removed or censored?

Yes, absolutely. There are clearly certain types of information that are not suited for publication anywhere at any time, such as child pornography or sex trafficking. Universally, this type of abhorrent information has no place on IPFS or anywhere else on the internet for that matter. When it is so universal and clear-cut like this, AXEL will do everything in their power to prevent this content from being listed on IPFS.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of developing AXEL IPFS?

As with anything new, IPFS is still actively being developed and thee are always difficulties with anything new and in development. But otherwise, I have been developing technology for over 30 years and with that experience, you learn how to be diligent and get it done the right way.

Q: What does AXEL IPFS do that sets it apart from any other IPFS platform?

Simple, fast and easy to use was the goal of AXEL IPFS Pinning and Search. IPFS is such a new technology we wanted to make its adoption as painless as possible – and I think we have done just that. We allow our users to quickly and easily move their centralized data to IPFS and then allow them to share and publish their files just as easily. Our drag-and-drop GUI, file previewer, integration with IPFS Search and metadata make AXEL-IPFS Pinning not only the easiest to use, but the most comprehensive set of tools available for IPFS publishing.

Q: How can someone help or participate in the project?

Join us on Discord or Telegram and get involved. Telegram has a lot of great community activity and Discord is where the Devs hang-out. Come talk is the best way to begin supporting. If you like what you see, think about operating a masternode to support the network. Or become an AXEL ambassador. There are so many ways to get involved, ask any of the admins in the channel and they’d be happy to help!