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Please briefly introduce yourself and the project you are currently focusing on.

I’m Tony Tan, CEO & Co-founder of AXEL, an innovative tech company based in Las Vegas. We just announced the AXEL IEO on ProBit Exchange, and recently launched AXEL.Network, our decentralized global network, along with several other major launches including AXEL IPFS Pinning Facility and AXEL Wallet.

My background has primarily been in business and finance, but with AXEL I have had the unique opportunity to help build a new vision for the internet.  That’s very powerful motivation for me and for our decentralized project.  

Why do you think blockchain technology is the next big thing?

Blockchain is the future and it fits with the future we at AXEL want to create for content and data. While we are a technology company, we focus on developing solutions for problems that face the world, and blockchain is a central pillar to helping realize our vision where users have ultimate control over their data and content.  

The last year for blockchain has in many ways been a breakthrough year with more actual use cases beyond cryptocurrency.  The end of last year was difficult for cryptocurrency, but exciting for blockchain with increased adoption across a range of industries.  We are seeing how blockchain is helping to create more authenticity and trust on the internet.  

Before launching the AXEL project, your company was known for its data custody service. How did your experience in this domain lead you to the AXEL project?

AXEL is rooted in data privacy and protection. What sets us apart from the rest, is our numerous patents, successful track record, millions of users around the globe, and our mission from the start – to develop quality products for users to help protect their digital identity and footprint. We like to think of ourselves as veterans of decentralization, and now we’re striving to become the leading innovators of distributed technology, and help rebuild the internet with our products and solutions. 

Why is decentralization so important to AXEL.Network?

Because the world is demanding increased trust and security on the internet.  We’ve  seen too many breaches of online trust around the globe, with a lasting negative impact on millions of individuals. Decentralization will ensure that companies respect users’ data and their content.  It will also help lead a new generation of content creators to have greater control over the ownership, rights and monetization of their content – to truly own what’s already theirs in the first place.

Decentralization fits with our ideology for data custody and will help to attract passionate stakeholders into our network, if they believe they will have a meaningful role to help  rebuild trust in the internet by being part of AXEL’s ecosystem with Masternode technology. 

AXEL integrates the IPFS with a decentralized off-cloud file management platform so as to offer high accessibility and robust security. Could you explain how this works in more detail?

AXEL’s IPFS utilizes the power of distributed computing to break up files for more secure transfer, efficiency and connection to a distributed network.  By structuring content and data in this way, we’ve created an organizational structure for distributed storage.  By breaking up the content and targeting the closest network to the data’s destination, it creates an extremely safe and fast option. 

The AXEL IPFS also requires the AXEL Token, which adds a layer of immutability to the data by utilizing a transacation hash that is linked to that data.  And this is only the beginning, we see incredible potential of blockchain and distributed technology working together with our patented technology to create the foundation for our range of innovative products and solutions. 

It is our vision to build a new generation of apps and products that transform how content and data are managed in the digital economy.  

What can audiences expect from AXEL’s decentralized platform? Can you share more details about the platform’s benefits and value for users? Why is this significant now?

AXEL has always done things differently than the traditional cloud, by not forcing users to have their files all located on a central server – out of their control and custody.  From AXEL’s TackApp providing a dencentralized device approach to file storage, to AXEL IPFS Pinning using distributed technology to store their files, we’re challenging the status quo on how people can manage their data and files.  

Just read the terms and conditions on some of the big players like Google and Dropbox.  It’s often very unfair to the end user.  They are centralized.  When data is centralized, so is the control.  With distributed and decentralized solutions such as AXEL’s IPFS Pinning, we’re totally changing the dynamics by putting users, their data and their content first.  

This is just the beginning. If users have greater control over their content, that will change how they distribute and monetize it, creating a huge shift in how the internet is accessed and managed.  We see distributed and decentralized solutions as the future of the internet and AXEL’s products are at the heart of this change.  

According to your whitepaper, the AGDN (AXEL Global Distribution Network) was scheduled for a 2019 Q1 launch. How did that go?

It went great.  The network went live in Q1 and was released to the public in Q2, with the release of AXEL Wallet and our blockchain enabled product, AXEL IPFS.  

We’ve actually been incredibly busy in the last 12 months delivering additional patents, new features and products – incredible growth on our platform, our blockchain, our wallet and now our IEO.   

I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished.  We have a strong vision and determination to not only execute and deliver, but to also meet and exceed deadlines.

How does AXEL’s services work with Korean networks? Could you tell us how you plan to attract more Korean users to your service?

The Korean market is very exciting and dynamic, and it’s been a key focus of ours since day one. We have a considerable number of Korean users on our core suite of applications and we chose to partner with ProBit, a Korean exchange.  We chose ProBit because their values are similar to ours, and they have outstanding technology.  Besides, Korea is very advanced technologically and I believe that adoption of blockchain is expected to move at breakneck speed.  We have also added team members fluent in the Korean language and knowledgeable of the local market to rapidly grow our footprint in Korea.  

Do you have any final comments you would like to share with our readers at TokenPost?

We’re excited to be launching this IEO, especially with our strategic partner ProBit.  Most importantly, we continue to be ambitious in delivering our vision of a better internet for data and content.  We’re not like other projects just getting into blockchain for the sake of following a trend.  We have been successfully developing innovative technology for years– building decentralized applications, and our products, technology and vision are a perfect fit with the direction that blockchain is taking us.  

Ultimately, I’m just so proud of the work that the AXEL team is doing, and I have every confidence in saying that AXEL isthe future.  I encourage users and audiences everywhere to join us as we launch our IEO live on 12 August 2019, at https://www.probit.kr/ko-kr/ieo/axel-round1/0