Lucas finds AXEL

In Part II of Lucas’ story, he found many companies were still collecting vast amounts of customer information even with new privacy regulations. But, that didn’t mean he was ready to shun technology. It was a modern conundrum shared by every technophile who values their privacy.

“I’m an IT professional who loves the latest and greatest technology. I can’t close myself off from the world and go hide out in a treehouse in the woods. That shouldn’t be my only option just because I don’t want these huge companies spying on me or making detailed models of my behavior. So, I started to scour the web looking for programs and services that weren’t going to auction off my information to the highest bidder. I stumbled upon AXEL from a Google search about cloud storage, and loved what I saw.”

Lucas and AXEL Go

Specifically, Lucas found our private, secure file storage and sharing application, AXEL Go.

“AXEL Go is basically my new best friend. I get instant access to all of my files and can share them with anyone. I use it at home on my PC and on my iPhone when I’m out. The first thing that impressed me was the company kept promoting this concept called ‘data custody.’ I’d never heard of the term before, but after reading into it a bit, it really hit home. It just means they’re all about giving control of data back to the people.”

AXEL is a champion of data custody and considers personal information private property. We never mine any content stored on AXEL Go and do not sell personal information to third parties, ever.

“That in itself sets them apart from most cloud companies. But they not only respect your data, they protect it too. Their security features are way more advanced than other cloud options.”

AXEL Go utilizes three secure technologies as the backbone of AXEL Go; blockchain, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and password encryption. This unique combination makes AXEL Go an industry leader in security, ensuring your content stays safe at rest and in motion.

“It’s the best of both worlds. I don’t have to worry about the company itself selling my info, but I also am less concerned about hackers breaching their system. Their servers are decentralized, and I always use encrypted passwords on my files. So hackers can’t attack a single vulnerable server to get my content, and even if they do somehow get to my files, they won’t be able to access them. I looked it up, and the encryption algorithm they use for passwords takes billions of years to brute force crack. It’s reassuring. Now, if AXEL could make a social media platform…”

A happy ending

Thank you, Lucas, for your kind words and support for AXEL products. If you’re like Lucas and want a cloud sharing solution that provides security and privacy, download AXEL Go today. It’s free to signup, and our Basic accounts include all of AXEL Go’s unique features, 2GB of storage space, and enough fuel tokens to facilitate thousands of shares. AXEL envisions a better future for the internet, where everyone’s data gets the respect it deserves. Together, we will achieve this goal.