One of the major advantages of the AXEL Go private file-sharing application is the utilization of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) technology. IPFS is a peer-to-peer networking protocol that relies on a distributed file system to share data. With AXEL Go, shared files are distributed to hundreds of Masternodes. When a recipient accesses your document, it is pulled in small chunks from this distributed list of servers in an efficient manner and reconfigured for viewing.

A decentralized file system offers many strengths over traditional server configurations:

  • No single point of failure. In a centralized server network, attacks can leave users without access to their data. Worse, it could expose files to malicious agents. AXEL Go is a persistent and resilient file system you can count on to be rock solid.
  • Higher performance. Peer-to-peer file transfers scale better and have lower latency than traditional server-based distribution. Your files can be pulled from multiple nearby Masternodes at blazing-fast speeds.

Mainstream IPFS Pinning

Data storage on the IPFS works similarly to how cache works on a hard drive. Information stored here is inherently temporary. On the IPFS, this is so network nodes aren’t overloaded with enormous amounts of information. For the IPFS to hold information for long periods of time, it needs to be “pinned”. Pinning data tells the IPFS node that it isn’t garbage and should be saved indefinitely. In the past, pinning required either significant technical knowledge or an expensive 3rd-party pinning service. This is where AXEL Go has changed the game.

AXEL Go transforms the pinning process into a few simple clicks or taps. For our desktop application, just navigate to the files or folder you wish to pin, right click and select the “Pin & Share” option. Mobile users have it just as easy. Browse to the file or folder you want to share with AXEL Go, press and hold your finger on it until options appear, select the share or send files icon, and choose the AXEL Go icon. It really is that simple. AXEL Go allows users of any technical background to receive the benefits of using the IPFS.